Hey, I have two pretty quick questions that I wanted to ask. Firstly, I was just wondering if this whole thing was still a go-ahead. Because I really like the idea of this website and the end result of the book that will be shaped by it’s readers, but it doesn’t really seem like anything’s been happening since February.

Secondly, I have a question about pursuing my own nerd love. I’m a 15-year-old guy living in London, and I’m a pretty massive nerd. I spend most of my time sitting in my room taking A-level courses on the internet and researching PhD level physics (the quantum stuff is the best!). I’ve never really been in a meaningful relationship and I’m starting to feel pretty lonely, I don’t have anyone I can share my love of physics, D&D and pretty much all the stereotypical nerdy/geeky things. Trouble is, it seems that all the girls in my school and friendship group are anywhere near nerdy. So my question is, how do I meet my perfect nerd girl and start a relationship with her, even if it’s not a boyfriend/girlfriend one? I just want someone I can talk to and spend time with. I’d really appreciate a response if anyone sees this. Thanks for your answers in advance!