About Ask Nerd Love

Nerd Love wants your input. Specifically, Andrew and Jules want to hear your questions about love, sex and relationships. Ask Nerd Love is your place to ask nerds these questions. These questions will be answered by not only Andrew and Jules, but by anyone who feels they have something to contribute. These questions may be included in the Nerd Love book. They may also be turned into a full blog post by Andrew and Jules on n3rdlove.com.

About Jules

Jules does stuff. She likes to do stuff. All of the stuff she does can be considered creative in some way. Specifically, the things she creates are Geeky Pleasures, The Look 24/7, she’s a core contributor to GeekMom, she occasionally write for Nerds In Babeland and Star Wars vs Star Trek, plus she occasionally posts her Cerebral Regurgitations. She can be found on Twitter @GeekyJules. She is happy that she gets to create something with her partner.

About Andrew

Andrew is not really a dog. This is a picture of his dog. Her name is Kayla. Maybe one day Jules will convince Andrew to post a picture of himself. Andrew doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. However, you can find him occasionally tweeting @WileE577. Warning: This is your mutual follower warning/release of liability statement.

Find out more about the Nerd Love book project here.