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21 Feb

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Nerd Love wants to hear your personal Nerd Love stories. If you want to share, please e-mail your stories to If you change names for privacy reasons, please include that information in your e-mail.

11 Feb

We Are Live

Welcome to Nerd Love. Please take the time to read the About Us page to learn more about Nerd Love. Andrew and Jules look forward to interacting with you.

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If you have questions about love, sex and relationships, we would love to hear them. They may even make it into the Nerd Love book. They may also make turn into a blog post dedicated to the question.

To ask your questions, follow this handy dandy link. If you are uncomfortable using your real name, please feel free to ask and answer questions anonymously.


About Us


Who we are...

Once upon a time, two nerds met and, much to their mutual surprise, they fell in love. Their names are Andrew Edgar and Jules Sherred.

Very early in their relationship, they decided they wanted to get excited and create stuff together. Andrew had been a long time supporter of Jules' creative endeavours. Jules finds the art of co-creating to be a very intimate process, as she is of the opinion that when she creates things, she is giving little pieces of herself to those who consume whatever it is she created. So the prospect of being able to create something together was rather intoxicating.

But what would that thing be?

Then, one day, Jules told Andrew of a book idea that she had. It was a book that Andrew could collaborate on. She expelled this idea that had been building in her head, daily for a month. This idea was a book called Nerd Love. What is Nerd Love?

Nerd Love will be a book about love for nerds. It isn't the typical 'How To Date' book. It will be a book for nerds, written by nerds. Not only about dating fellow nerds and nerd relationship tips, but about loving the sexy nerd that all nerds are. Hopefully, it will enable nerds to embrace and love themselves for all the wonderful things that make them a nerd.

The book will be divided into 10 sections. Each section will be based on a wonderful universal nerd quality, divided into two sections: 1) Why it is such a wonderful thing and why you should love it/embrace it; and 2) How to apply that quality in both attracting a fellow nerd mate/ applying those qualities in a relationship.

The book will focus more on nerds and less on geeks. Yes, there is a difference and the book will briefly touch on the differences, however, geeks will also find use of the book. The book will also be useful for the 'normal' who is wanting to enter a relationship with a nerd.

Then, one wonderful evening, after Andrew made an appearance on Jules' Geeky Pleasures Radio Show to discuss sex and relationship, Jules thought of another way that the two could collaborate and expand their vision of Nerd Love. Jules thought it would be wonderful if other people who have supported her creative endeavours could held with the Nerd Love book. And that is how the Nerd Love website came to be.

The first way people can contribute is to ask their love, sex and relationship questions on Ask Nerd Love. Those questions will be answered by either Andrew or Jules, or both, plus anyone who thinks they have something to contribute to the discussion. Some of those questions may be incorporated into the Nerd Love book. Some of those questions may be turned into blog posts here at Nerd Love.

The second way people can contribute is to read the blog posts here at Nerd Love and give their thoughts on what has been shared.

Aside from Ask Nerd Love and general love, sex and relationship blog posts, Andrew and Jules will be posting chapters from the book as they are written. Once chapters are posted, readers have the opportunity to help edit the book, make suggestions for how the chapters can be expanded or cut, and give general feedback.

Eventually, there will be an Indiegogo campaign to fund publication of the book. This is when Andrew and Jules will ask for your financial support to make Nerd Love available in a physical format. Of course, there will be additional rewards for contributing to the Indiegogo campaign, not just the reward of seeing your contributions in print format. Nerd Love may also be made available in audiobook format, especially if that is something the readers would like.

Jules does stuff. She likes to do stuff. All of the stuff she does can be considered creative in some way. Specifically, the things she creates are Geeky Pleasures, The Look 24/7, she's a core contributor to GeekMom, she occasionally write for Nerds In Babeland and Star Wars vs Star Trek, plus she occasionally posts her Cerebral Regurgitations. She can be found on Twitter @GeekyJules. She is happy that she gets to create something with her partner.

Andrew is not really a dog. This is a picture of his dog. Her name is Kayla. Maybe one day Jules will convince Andrew to post a picture of himself. Andrew doesn't like to be in the spotlight. However, you can find him occasionally tweeting @WileE577. Warning: This is your mutual follower warning/release of liability statement.

meet the team

meet the team

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